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Boost me!
Levertijd: As fast as possible
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From Unranked to Challenger in League of Legends?
When u can't climb out of your current division, think about us and our great price-value!

- It is possible for Solo/Duo queue and Flex 5v5 queue.
- It doesn't matter for us what your rank or problem is, we will help you and cover all lanes/roles.
- We are a trustworthy service with only happy customers and great results.
- While playing ranked games we will fix your MMR by playing solo.
- All orders are completed way faster then promised!

Current results:
- Silver 5 to Gold 4 in 2 days! From 32% WR to 55% WinRate.
- Silver 2 to Platinum 5 in 3 days! Current Platinum 3 MMR.
- Silver 2 to Gold 3 MMR in a few hours! click here
- Series to Platinum 4: click here
- MMR Fix: click here
We have more results and data, but will not show it all unless you ask for it.

Pricing starts from €2,50 and the more services or requirements you add, the price will adjust your order to it.
Buy LoL boost with bank transfer, creditcard, Skrill, iDeal, PayPal or send the amount of money through RP or gifted skins/icons. We want to make your life easier, not harder. 
If you want to pay through RP or gifted skins, please mail: before you finish your order here. 

Please don't forget to add your Summoner name and e-mail in your order.

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